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High Bluff Females

We are proud to offer you some of our best female genetics in our annual bull and female sale, the No Borders sale and through private sale. We sell embryos private treaty and you can contact us here (link to inquiry form) or call us at 1-204-564-2547 to inquire about the availability of embryos on the cows and cow families featured below. 

Esperenza Cow Family
High Bluff Esperenza 15Y

Sire Winn Mans Esperenza 835U

Dam Highbluff MS Orginal 4T

15Y is pictured at 8 years of age

The matriarch of the family is High Bluff Esperenza 15Y and she has proven herself very capable of raising top notch bulls and females. She is most well known as Casanova’s mother but has continued to impress each and every year. She’s a very attractive, sound, big volume cows who is quiet and moderate in her makeup. However another cow that is only growing more and more impressive in this cow family is High Bluff Esperenza 142A, the dame of El Dorado 74E, watch for her to continue to grow her name.

High Bluff Casanova 13C

Reserve Champion All-Breeds Bull, President’s Classic

High Bluff Esperenza 101E

Champion Junior Heifer Calf,
Canadian Western Agribition

High Bluff Fort Worth 131F

Esperenza 142A Son

Sold to Zdans, Alonsa, MB

High Bluff Casanova 13C

Purchased by Harvie Ranching and Sonderup Charolais Ranch

High Bluff Esperenza 7X

Full sister to 15Y
Sold to Pro-Char

High Bluff Game Plan 93G

Esperenza 15Y Son

Sold to Happy Haven Charolais

High Bluff Esperenza 142A

Pictured at 7 years of age
Dam of El Dorado

HBSF 53D DSC_0752 Casanova's half bro_edited.jpg
High Bluff Dunbar 53D

Esperenza 15Y Son

Sold to Soura-Horan Farms

High Bluff Eldorado 74E

Agribition Reserve Grand Champion

Co-owned with Mutrie Farms

High Bluff HD Cow Family
High Bluff HD 96A

Sire SHSH HD 14Y

Dam C2 MS 18W

96A is pictured at 7 years of age

SHSH HD left a mark on our farm that is captured best by our 96A cow. This foundation female consistently produces high performance, easy doing cattle loved by commercial cattle producers. 96A is a no miss cow that stamps all her offspring with square hips.

High Bluff Excalibur 69E

Sold to Van Eaton Farms

Reserve Junior Bull, Agribition

High Bluff Dodger 99D

Sold to Val Watje,

Brewster, Manitoba

High Bluff Excalibur 69E

Brandon Ag-Ex

Wheat Prince Champion

High Bluff General 87G

Sold to McKeary Charolais

Retained interest at High Bluff

High Bluff Good Intentions 97G

HD 96A Son
Sold to Terry Bartel

Original Cow Family
High Bluff Original 4U

Sire Winn Mans Original 548R

Dam High Bluff Hank 92S

4U is the dam of El Paso

Buster Cow Family
High Bluff Buster 176W

Sire Winn Mans Original 548R

Dam High Bluff Buster 106F

Finelle Cow Family
LAE Finelle 8125F

Sire High Bluff Diesel 25D

Dam LAE Zula 299Z

8125F was purchased from Horseshoe E Charolais

Wanda Cow Family
Harvie EGC Wanda 49D

Sire NUG Royal Red 324A

Dam Harvie Ms Wanda 83A

We purchased our original Wanda cow, Harvie Wanda 83A, out of the infamous Friday Night Lights sale from Harvie Ranching. We felt we had to have her because of her structure and frame that brings a bit more punch. Our favourite part of this cow is her foot, it’s big and set squarely under her, she’s just the kind of cow you want to build from. 

83A copy.jpg
Harvie Wanda 83A

Purchased from Harvie Ranching

EGC Forbes 56F

Sold to Landen Poyser, Roblin, MB

EGC 104G DSC_0223_edited.jpg
EGC Granton 104G

Sold to Barry Kalinski

Ms Much More Cow Family
EGC Red Lashes 23F

Sire Sunville Driller

Dam EGC Red Lashes 77B

This cow family is a key cornerstone to our Simmental herd. They are easy to pick out in the pasture with their moderate frame, stylish front and chunky calves at their sides. This cow family hits the mark 10/10 on structure with beautiful feet. They are easy calving with consistently light birth weights but they are affectionately known around the farm as the “chubby” cow family because their calves are easy doing and waste no time catching up. The matriarch of the Chubby cow family is Ms Much More 72P who made her mark as Reserve Grand Champion at Agribition and stayed around the farm producing irreplaceable females until she was 16 years of age still looking as youthful as ever. Watch for 77B, the dam of EGC 23F and 75J pictured below, to fill in her shoes as the next head of this iconic cow family.

EGC 75J DSC_2168_edit_edited.jpg
EGC Red Lashes 75J

In High Bluff herd

EGC Lashes 84B

Reserve Heifer Calf, Ag-Ex

EGC 165J DSC_9145_edit_edited.jpg
EGC Journeyman 165J

Sold to Brimner Cattle Co.

EGC 96J DSC_9476_edit_edited.jpg
EGC The Judge 96J

High Bluff bull used for heifers

Black Charm Cow Family
EGC Black Charm 25A

Sire Harvie JDF Wallbanger 111X

Dam MJ Black Charm 2U

Best Western Cow Family
EGC Best Western 88E

Sire KOP Best Westernson 119Z

Dam EGC Wallbanger 14C

Simmenta Females
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